Energy Checks with Grundfos

Tomlinson Hall has partnered with Grundfos Pumps Ltd to help pump users identify where major savings can be made and support them in reducing their carbon footprints.

Eighty five per cent of the total life cycle cost of any pump system is attributable to the energy that is required to run the pumps. However, this means that there are significant opportunities to save money on the running of pump systems - especially with systems that are five years old or more, or where there has been any change in usage since the original system was specified.  

Working with Grundfos, we can offer a free Energy Check, which establishes a pump system's current operation and registers information on pump types, age, flow, head and power usage. The inspection requires no down time.

The Energy Check has been developed by Grundfos and is delivered in the UK in conjunction with Tomlinson Hall. 


1. INITIAL CONTACT – appointment with consultant

Assessment of your site in terms of pumps, applications, process flow etc.

2. DIAGNOSIS – on-site inspection

Preliminary list of performance data and installed pumps

3. PROPOSAL – suggested action

Quotation based on on-site inspection and preliminary data collection

4. FULFILMENT – action

Inspection of the system with Grundfos Energy Check resulting in a report of insights detailing potential energy savings

5. ASSESSMENT – Grundfos Energy Check completed

Presentation of Grundfos Energy Check report and selection of pump solutions (or proceed to a Grundfos Pump Audit for exact measurements)

6. FOLLOW-UP – evaluation

Follow-up to ensure full satisfaction and optimal pump performance 

The Energy Check report

Following the Energy Check, a comprehensive report will be produced, showing current installation and current operational costs.  This will include an overview on the potential savings that could be reached through upgrading all or some of the pump system to a new energy-efficient solution. 

The report will include details such as:

  • Electricity savings (kWh/yr)
  • Savings on the electricity bill
  • Other savings, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • Cost of new pump investment
  • Pay-back time (years)
  • CO2 emission reductions (tonnes/year)
  • Life cycle analysis of pump installation.

Besides these specific points, the report will also contain additional recommendations that will be specific to the Energy Check and a step-by-step implementation plan. 

The benefits


Energy Checks will typically demonstrate savings of between 30 to 50 per cent in energy costs that can be achieved through changing or upgrading some/all pumps.  With older systems, or where there has been a significant change in use, savings can be much higher. This means that there is frequently a short pay-back time, typically between one to five years. 

Upgrading pumps can also offer some protection from increasing energy prices and with a more efficient system with newer equipment, there are reduced operational and maintenance costs.

In addition, a wide range of Grundfos products are on the approved Energy Technology List (ETL), a government-managed list of energy-efficient plant and machinery. It is part of the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme for businesses.

Companies which invest in products that are on the approved Energy Technology List (ETL) can claim 100 per cent first year capital allowances on their outlay. The claim also allows for any costs associated with the installation and transportation to site. For the average company this means an additional saving of £2250 on an allowance of £10,000, which is addition to the standard first year depreciation saving.


Cutting CO2 emissions through employing more efficient pump systems will help to impact on the achievement of corporate environmental goals and support a greener corporate image.


Upgraded pumps contribute towards the overall reliable operation of a facility: a low failure rate, for instance, means reduced down-time and reduced repair costs.

Another operational benefit is a reduced risk of obsolescence, which can be a very important consideration when the pumps form part of a manufacturing process.

To book an Energy Check, call us on +44 (0)1642 379500, or email

Working with Grundfos

Tomlinson Hall has worked with Denmark-headquartered Grundfos as a distributor for many years, developing a ‘working together in industry’ partnership which has seen the two companies provide their joint expertise to multi-site businesses.

In 2016 Tomlinson Hall was chosen by Grundfos to become a UK partner in its Industry Partner Global initiative.

Tomlinson Hall was one of only 40 partner companies in the world identified by Grundfos to have the necessary qualifications and capabilities to carry and promote the company’s brand ethos, and its commitment to innovative pump technology and energy saving solutions. Tomlinson Hall is now one of only four companies in the UK to operate under the Grundfos Industry Partner Initiative. 

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