An Interview with our Workshop Managers

June 16th 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our workshop, like all other businesses, has had to make significant changes to embrace the new and safe way of working, ensuring our staff are protected at all times.

Our Workshop Manager, Michael O’Hare and Workshop Supervisor, Jonathan Parkinson have taken time out to discuss the changes and how Tomlinson Hall has dealt with the adversity of COVID-19 in the last few months. 

What changes have been implemented in the workshop?

Michael: We have split the workforce throughout the full business, with operational hours being shared across both teams - a major change for the business. A few staff in the business have been furloughed for their own safety.

In the workshop, I lead one shift and Jonathan leads the other.

Jonathan: Yes, it has been difficult splitting the workshop staff into two shifts as we have been very busy over the past few months, helping many production sites with their maintenance where their staffing levels have been down, whilst also responding to emergency repairs.

How have you dealt with being so busy and working in split shifts?

Jonathan: We have really pulled together as a team and the attitude and willingness of the staff has been amazing. When we have had tight deadlines and quick turnaround times, the team has willingly stayed behind and we have ensured all jobs have been completed on time.

Michael: Yes, we have all done extra hours with extra shifts being put on and staff even working on Sundays. Our priority has been to help keep essential businesses pumping. This has included providing repairs and maintenance to a local food manufacturer, hospitals and a chemical plant. Many companies have had shortages within their own maintenance teams and, as such, have required our support to ensure their operations can continue to run.  

Jonathan: We have been really quick in responding to all callouts. In the current circumstances, we haven’t always been able to get parts on time, therefore we have been able to provide our customers with temporary solutions outlining the performance of such measures which has enabled them to continue with their production.

What extra measures have you implemented?

Michael: Like all companies, we are complying to the two-metre distancing rule and all wear our PPE as usual.

Jonathan: Before doing any site visits, full risk assessments are taken and when travelling to site, we do so separately, when more than one person is required.

We have also implemented a lot of extra cleaning measures, workstations are constantly sanitised throughout the day, handles are routinely wiped down and the workshop is deep cleaned at the end of every shift.

Why do you think businesses have chosen to use Tomlinson Hall?

Jonathan: We’re always open and honest with our customers and provide excellent customer service which is greatly valued. We are able to offer the very best advice and work hand in hand with them so the performance of their pumps is the best it can be.

Michael: We have a great team in the workshop with extensive experience at various levels. One of our mechanical fitters has been with the company for 40 years, I have been here for 26 years and Jonathan 19 years. This experience provides a lot of confidence with our customers and we have a great relationship with them that we get a lot of repeat business and recommendations.

At Tomlinson Hall, we are very proud that the team has responded and implemented a new way of working so quickly. The safety of our staff is of paramount importance and we will continue to work in accordance to all government guidelines whilst we continue to act swiftly in helping our customers with all of their repairs and service needs.

If your business requires our support with any repairs or maintenance, please get in touch with us directly on +44 (0)1642 379500.

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An Interview with our Workshop Managers

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our workshop, like all other businesses, has had to make significant changes to embrace the new and safe way of working, ensuring our staff are protected at all times.

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